Welcome to GinJay Medical Consulting,

- Medical Assistance for Africans and foreigners seeking Medical treatment in Gemany.

Our Service: Foreign Medical Treatment Services

Our main service rests on assisting patients from African and foreign countries who need urgent medical treatment,
surgical operations, check-ups etc to get this with less hurdles. We assist by the Pre-arrival (Visa
procurement), Arrival, Post-clinic and Departure arrangements and Documentation. It is our main
concern to aid you in finding the right professional physician and Clinic for the right treatment, therapy
and rehabilitation.

Besides, we will help organize a Medical Visa that will accomodate the during of your treatment and rehabilitation in Germany. Our assistance at the moment, focuses on patients old or young with different Ailments and accidental injuries, plastic/cosmetic surgery, cancer and cardio-vascular illness e.g. strokes or heart-attacks, Stomach problems, general check up (e.g comprehensive blood test) Barreness (IVF) etc.

Health care has gone global

Today, the advancements in medical services must be seen in an international context.Greater
specialization, expensive medical technology, and increasing globalization are the key factors for the
waxing global, cross-border medical tourism.